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Relationship platform for hotels and its guests.

Guests ask for attention

Be the one who gives it


of guests feel uninformed


ask for faster check-in


would give immediate feedback

Profile of a hotel in the App


Branded profiles for any hotel

Each hotel in MyStay has a branded profile which is very different from the others. Your guests will feel directly connected to you.


SMS after Booking

Your guests get your care right after booking. They’ll receive an SMS giving them a useful app that helps them plan their journey already  from home.

The conversion rate of our SMS is 30%!

After the first installation, almost 50% of guests take action like ordering airport transfer, chatting with reception or imputting personal information to make the check-in faster.

SMS 30%

Fast check-in

73% of guests see the check-in as taking too long. We simplify the process by giving them the opportunity to receive all hotel information and register in advance.


Realtime feedback

Sometimes things don’t go well. Get an honest feedback. Many guests do not like complaining aloud. Have a unique opportunity to make them happy again before it shows in your ratings.

Chat Bot and Staff

Get closer to your guests. Be in touch with them all the time and also be the first to help when they need it. Be ready and your guests will be grateful 🙂

Offline maps

No more struggling with a roaming data connection! Provide the guests with offline maps and help them make and enjoy their plans.


Sales channel

Do your guests really know all the services you offer? Show them targeted offers, sell directly and increase your revenues the easiest way.

The Benefits

...for hotels

Exclusive care providing

Provide all the necessary information to the guests’ smartphones at anytime.

Save staff's time

Let your customers fill out their details online before arriving and give your team more time to prepare for their stay and take better care of them.

Real time rating

Receive your guests’ opinions in real time, make them happier and improve your reputation.

Stay in touch

Communicate with your guests at any time, no matter where they are: inside or outside your hotel; before, during or after their stay.

Increase of revenues

Promote your services and offers using the sales tool that the guests have in their pockets (their smartphones).

Data collection

Know your guests better, serve better. Analyze their preferences and deliver personalized service. 

...for guests

Hotel app

Guests say...

“I booked the hotel using the mobile app which had a promotional 25% discount”

amchua, from Singapore

“This hotel has its own smartphone app full of useful info!”

Sjc462, from UK

“Such a cool hotel app”

Sandra B. stayed at Hotel Unic

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